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Carter's Chocolates... Carter & Company

Carter's Chocolates opened up in October of 2008 in the big old mall on Mile Hill. The one with the first escalator in Kitsap County.
We've moved a couple of times... spent 3 years in the rundown building next to KFC, then into the Port Orchard Public Market on Bay Street which is where we do all our retail other than attending festivals all summer.   At the same time that we moved into the POPM, we moved the kitchen equipment to the Westbay Building behind Key Bank, and this is where the chocolate and ice cream are made... because there is no temperature control in the POPM and insufficient electricity for our needs.

John Strasinger opened and ran the Bay Street Bistro for 5 years towards the beginning of Carter's operation. 
When he sold that business (which is still open and doing great!), he slowly started to work his way into the operation of Carter's.

He has brought with him lots of time, energy, and most importantly culinary skills.  He has been instrumental in extending our hours, and increasing the offerings of baked goods, especially cakes.  Especially the Brooklyn Blackout Cake.

When he came along and brought all the good changes, it seemed that the name Carter's Chocolates was no longer reflective of the entirety of our operation, and we started using Carter & Co.

Bite sized versions of stuffed brioche, mini tarts, truffles, cupcakes or Event cakes, an Ice Cream bar are some of the things we can provide for your party.

Full service catering done by John, the original chef-owner of the Bay Street Bistro is also currently available.

Partnered with Caffe Vita, Seattle's premier coffee roaster, to bring you exceptional espresso drinks, such as Mochas and Caramel Machiatto's made with our housemade chocolate and caramel sauces, Espresso Shakes, and lots more !




We now hold 3 hour classes on Truffle making and Caramels.

There's also a Chocolate Tasting featuring single origin chocolates from special cacao growing regions, covering history, cultivation, processing, and an after hours wine and truffle pairing.

Savory pockets of brioche wrapped around fillings:

Ham & Brie,

Ham, Bacon & Swiss

Mushroom & Smoked Provolone,

Perfect for breakfast or lunch



Carter's Chocolates

Five times in a row Port Orchard has voted Carter's the Best Desserts.
Stop in and find out why!

We're located inside the Port Orchard Public Market at 715 Bay Street. We're all the way in back, with access from the ample parking lot.

Open 7 days a week.

 The kitchen where ice cream and chocolate treats are made is located just down  the street in the Westbay Center, 1309 Bay Street.

We may be open there for holidays and special occasions, but for now, everything currently being offered is at Carter & Co inside the POPM.

For our lactose-free friends, we offer a few flavors of dairy-free sorbets. Fresh fruits, lemon, coconut, and spectacular chocolate sorbets, many of them make refreshing drinks as well.

Locally sourced dairy ingredients, flavors that are unique, interesting (in a good way), all natural ingredients

Ice Cream

Carter's Chocolates are hand made on Bay Street, using single origin, organically grown chocolate.

There are truffles, caramels, turtles, barks, peanut butter cups, and lots more !