Lemon Drop Cake:
The same layers as the orange cake, only using lemon zest instead.  Lemon Curd filling, and lemon Butter Cream

Brooklyn Blackout Cake:
Chocolate layers, chocolate pudding, more chocolate pudding on the outside, then cake crumbs on the outside.   This is a classic New York delicacy.

German Chocolate

​pecans, coconut with the delightful German chocolate filling

Hazelnut Cake:
Same dense rich and delicious layers as the caramel cake, but split to be thinner for more layers of the two fillings: Hazelnut and espresso buttercream.  Then the outside is coated in Frangelico Buttercream and toasted hazelnuts

Gluten free Cakes:
None of these are normal cakes that substitute gluten free "flour".  These are cakes that didn't need to be altered, they were already perfect the way they were.

On top is the Almond Orange cake, made with almond flour.  I stole that recipe from Fran Bigelow, and she knows her chocolate!

Below that is the Raspberry Truffle Cake, that gets its structure from chocolate and eggs beaten fluffy, it bakes up with the consistency of a chocolate cloud. 

A very rich, tasty chocolate cloud!

The Yule Log is a Chocolate sponge cake, with white cream filling and ganache on the outside. 
​we don't have to decorate that for Xmas, we can just roll it up for every day use.

Mirror Glaze Cakes are all the rage.

The glaze is shiny and tastes  like white ganache, but it needs to be done the day you want it.

Lime Coconut Cake:

Layers of Lime Cake, with three fillings: Orange Curd, Coconut Pastry Cream, and Pineapple buttercream.

Rum Buttercream on the outside!

Orange Curd Cake:
All our cakes have a moisture element, this one uses olive oil. The layers are filled with Orange Curd, and coated with chocolate ganache

Carrot Cake:
I add coconut and pineapple to the cake, and the cream cheese buttercream has orange oil.  it is definitely an upgrade compared to the average carrot cake!

Lemon Berry Moussse Cake:

Lemon Cake layers, lemon curd filling, White Chocolate mousse on top, and fresh strawberries ! We make this only in the summertime.

Our Cakes

Specialty Cakes:

If there's something you want that you do't see, describe it and we'll come up with something!

Caramel Cake:
The moisture in the chocolate layers come from sour cream, oil and lots of water.  Our home made caramel sauce flavors the buttercream, and more of it goes between layers and on top

Don't forget there are always cheesecakes with a variety of options.
Bailey's, berries, Amaretto, Caramel, New York style...

Peanut Butter Cake:
The same dense moist chocolate layers as in the caramel cake and the hazelnut cake, with peanut butter caramel filling and peanut butter chocolate ganache.

We have several standard cakes that you can find in our case on a rotating basis  You can sometimes find a whole one ready to take home, but it's best to order ahead!  We sell slices by weight, so you can have a big piece or a little piece. There are also prices or 1/4 or 1/2 cakes.

There are a few upgraded cakes that we keep making as well, they are just a bit more expensive. Those include German chocolate, and Hazelnut cakes as well as the flourless cakes.

As with everything we do, all our cakes are made from scratch using fresh ingredients and NEVER a cake mix or commercial filling like most bakeries.  the most commonn comment when someone picks up their cake box is how heavy they are.  These are not fluffy, dry store bought cakes!

Decorating a cake takes a special order, we aren't ready to custom decorate on the spot, although we can do a standard cake with a message, or make a special cake with your choice of filling .  Order ahead by calling 360 876 4424

Upgrade menu:

These cakes take more time and/or more expensive ingredients.  We make them to put in the case occasionally, but not as often as the standard cakes.  Call ahead!