Still lots going on at Carter's!

Upcoming plans include creating a welcoming space inside and spilling out onto the street and out the back door.  Container Gardening is happening behind the building and seating is already available.

We're happy with the progress, and at the same time we are managing to keep the case mostly full of tarts, cakes, mini cheesecakes, bread puddings;  there are cookies always full and fresh, deep dish cookies, brownies, and the ultimate health food, the very vegan Morning Glory muffins.  Also some Savory items : the stuffed brioches in four standard flavors, and soon there will be soups, salads, and panini sandwiches.

Summer is approaching and summer Hours will begin soon.  Previous years we stayed open til 10:30 or later.  This year will be at least that late.

We do plan on doing a few festivals this year, and pondering the Farmers Market as well.
Absolutely plan on the June Bug, the Olalla Bluegrass, Gig harbor Arts Fest...


Carters, What's Happenin'?