Mini-Cheesecakes !

Same as the large cheesecakes, only easier to serve on a buffet and more customizable for variety.

Truffles !

Still the most popular item to display on a serving tray. 

Large quantity discounts make it affordable, and we can do custom flavors and even custom design.

Tiny Tarts !

Individual servings of custom flavor tarts, filled with at least two components, perhaps an espresso pastry cream filling, topped with a buttercream of Kahlua, and sprinkled with cacao nibs. 
Regular sized tarts too !

Catering Menu

Event Cakes !

Two or more layers, custom design and decorated with a variety of media, from buttercream to fondant.  Delivery  and set up available.       **Subject to availability.

Cupcakes !

Sure, anyone can make cupcakes, but we make them moist, bursting with flavor, and decorated with love.

Standard flavors include chocolate, orange, lemon... and as with anything we love to do custom orders!

Cheesecakes !

New York Style, or a creamier version that can be custom flavored:

Caramel, Key Lime, peppermint, pumpkin, Bailey's... feel free to special order!

Brioche Bites !

These are small versions of our savory Stuffed Brioches in our regular flavors or custom flavors.

filled with chocolate, cream cheese and jam, or our savory versions of Ham & Brie or Veggie & Goat Cheese.

Cakes, cheesecakes, and large tarts are priced individually.
Order cupcakes by the dozen.  Two dozen minimum at 27.50 per dozen.

Mini Cheesecakes retail for 3.95

order ahead by the dozen at 39.95

3.5 inch tarts retail for 4.75, order 24 hours ahead 6  for 24.50

​8 inch tarts, special order for 14.50

Catering Finger Food mini Brioche Bites and Mini Tarts:

Minimum order of 75 items at $1.oo each,

with at least 25 of each item.

Try and give us at least a week on all these items, not taking on tiered cakes at this time.

Cakes and Tortes !
Made from scratch, moist delicious cakes, custom made to be fun, special and uniquely yours.

Standard cakes include orange-olive oil, peanut butter, chocolate flourless, and the elegant Espresso Torte.

Ice Cream Sundae Bar !
We can set up Ice Cream service for your large group.

Eight flavors of Ice Cream or Sorbet, plus homemade toppings and nuts, either with your without a Personal Scooper.