Ice Cream !
Made from scratch using cooperatively farmed dairy ingredients, we keep a large and interesting variety of flavors on hand all year round.
Fabulous and interesting flavors, from the basics like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, plus our version of salted caramel called Caramel Caramel, and it's drunken cousin Swirly Jack (Daniels),  plus the more sedate Brownie Caramel;
Amazing stuff with Brickle in it... Brickle is our Seafoam chopped up and thrown into ice cream... a fluffy honey toffee that melts in and adds a candy sweetness and a little fine texture).  That shows up in a few of our most popular flavors including Brickleberry (Raspberry and Blackberry ice cream with whole berries and Brickle); Brickle~Brickle (brickle plus more brickle), peanut butter brickle which has kind of a butter finger flavor profile.

And then we have our more interesting things like Maple Bacon, Gorgonzola, Hippie Magic (basically trail mix in ice cream),  Orange-Licorice,
Spicy Chocolate, and sometimes we'll make something that's mostly just for taking a sample of... like Garlic or Thai Curry.

Ice Cream & Sorbet at Carter & Co!

Sorbet !
Made from scratch with all natural fruits and berries.

Refreshing and flavorful, I actually prefer sorbet to ice cream.

It started out as a Non Dairy option for our lactose friends, but it's become popular enough to keep a few flavors on all the time.

Wonderfully refreshing, especially scooped on top of some iced tea in the summertime, for an Arnold Palmer (Lemon) or a Robert Palmer (Raspberry).  Simply Irresistable !

Watch for Acai Berry Sorbet, and Acai Bowls topped with granola, fresh berries and nuts !